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Best Yoga Teachers In India

At Omkar Aham Yoga Mandiram, we have Yoga Alliance-certified teachers with a minimum of 5 to 10 years of experience teaching different styles of yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Learning yoga teacher training from our professional yoga teachers can be a life-changing experience for any student and will positively affect them in all areas of their life. From our great yoga gurus, you can expect to learn yoga asanas, meditation, healing, and, most importantly, various teaching methodologies that are easy and practical to implement.

Besides, here we have mentioned short information about our yoga teachers in Rishikesh so that you can get a clear picture of how skillful they are and from whom you will be trained.

Best Yoga Teacher In India


Yoga Anatomy & Yoga Philosophy

Vivek Arya is our one of the best yoga teachers in Rishikesh. Born and brought up in a spiritual environment. Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Mudra Yoga, and Mantra Chanting are some of his expertise. He has done his master's in yoga sciences and is also Yoga alliance & QCI Level – 1 certified and recognized by AYUSH and IYA. His aim and object are to spread the light of yoga for peace and positive knowledge by working in Omkar Aham Yoga Mandiram.

As a young boy, Sri Vivek’s passion for yoga was quickly obvious to father, who started him on the path to understanding. His thirst for knowledge led him to 15 years of living in an ashram, and into the Himalayas to study yoga and philosophy. Inspired by his burning desire to learn, the sages welcomed him, and taught him mystic ways unknown to many. Today, Sri Vivek is pursuing his PhD in yoga, with a goal to never stop learning and dedicate himself to humanity

Family: He is born in Arya Samaj family holding very high ethical, moral and spiritual values. Doing holy fine ceremony with vedic mantras called Hawan and Meditation is the every routine. Which he is continuing till now.

Primary Education: He did his higher school education in science.

Yoga Sadhana: He started practicing yoga under the Guidance senior Iyengar yoga teacher and learnt subtle alignments and adjustment. He stayed in Swami Ram Sadhak Gram as Brahmachari for many years. He started advanced sacred yoga practice under Swami Ved Bharti in the Himalayan Yoga lineage and learnt medical and scientific anatomy and physiology of yoga from Medical Doctors and yoga researchers. He traveled to whole India for learning and practicing yoga as well as advanced meditation techniques. He stayed in the Himalayas for yoga practice for a long time. He learnt and practiced Veer Shavisam tantra as well.

Yoga Qualification: He did Bachelor degree in science from Meerut University, Masters in Yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University and Masters in Psychology from Gurukula Kangri University in Haridwar. He is yoga certified ERYT 500 with Yoga alliance USA.

Yoga Teaching Experience: He has been teaching yoga since 2009. He has taught in more than 100 yoga teacher training courses and over 3000 students learnt yoga is the most medical and scientific way from him.

Yoga Teaching Specialization: He specializes in teaching Yoga Anatomy and Physiology, Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy, and Teaching Methodology.

Nature: He is a very calm, humble, honest and knowledgeable yoga teacher.

Best Yoga Teacher In India

Sandeep Pandey

Master's in Yoga and Yoga Philosophy

Sandeep Pandey started his yogic life, and soon he found himself as an aspiring yoga teacher. He is an E-RYT 500. He taught in different yoga teacher training centers in Rishikesh at the start of his yoga teaching career. He traveled to China and stayed there for five years as an Advance Yoga Teacher with different centers, especially in terms of postural alignment and the use of props to support key postures in practice. He decided to come back to his home town Rishikesh since then, and he became an integral part of the Omkar Aham Yoga Mandiram.

Pandey Ji’s journey on the path of yoga began at the tender age of 11, when he became a devotee of Guru Swami Veda Bharti Ji in the Rama Sadhaka Ashram. In his younger years, he was a decorated medal-winning asana champion, but as he grew older, Pandey Ji’s name become deeply respected amongst yogis for his unique approach to teaching Pranayama and Meditation. Today, he is pursuing his PhD in yoga, and taking an authentic and holistic approach to sharing his knowledge with aspiring yogis.

Family: He was born in Gaya, Bihar, the enlightened place of Lord Buddha in a Brahmin Priest family. His ancestors were priests of their village doing Vedic rituals, Yojana and other Ceremonies for the welfare of everyone. Being born in such a religious and knowledgeable family he took keen interest in learning all vedic ceremonies and ancient scriptures.

Primary Education: He did his primary education from a traditional Gurukul called Parmarth Niketan Gurukul in Rishikesh. It is one of the oldest classical schools in Rishikesh. Here I learnt Yoga, Sanskrit, Vedic Philosophy and Rituals. Being born and studied in a very spiritual and yogic environment, deeper spiritual awakening happened in him. Afterwards he was admitted to Swami Ram Sadhak Gram, where he continued the process of spiritual evolution and higher yoga practices under the guidance of Swami Ved Bharti Ji in the Himalayan Yoga lineage.

Yoga Sadhana: He Started yoga practice in Gurukul under the guidance of a traditional Guru. He also played into many yoga competitions as well. He is a dedicated and disciplined yoga sadhaka in his real life.

Yoga Qualification: He did Bachelor degree in Sanskrit from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Uttarakhand and Masters Degree and Philosophy from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.

Yoga Teaching Experience: He is among the most senior and experienced teachers of Rishikesh, He taught more than 5000 students all the aspects of yoga like yoga asanas, pranayama, philosophy and mediations. He teaches in many yoga institutes in various locations in India and worldwide.

Yoga Teaching Specialization: He is teaching all practices of yoga however his expertise in teaching yoga philosophy, pranayama, mantra yoga and meditations. He is very spiritual, calm and knowledge person through which he is able to guide the students on true Journey of yoga. He is teach what he is living in his life.

Best Yoga Teacher In India

Yogacharya Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh teaches yoga philosophy in Yoga Therapist & Mantra Yoga Teaching in Rishikesh. A self-taught philosopher, he is interested in the philosophical aspects of yoga which he has studied for years. He loves to discover parallel connections between ancient teachings and what science has discovered and is still trying to understand. Dhirendra holds a master's in yoga, taking up teaching Yoga philosophy full-time.

Family: He is born into yogic family. His father is good practioner Hatha Yoga and his mother is Karma yogini a social worker working for social welfare and practicing Bhakti Yoga as well.

Primary Education: He studied in the traditional Sanskrit and yoga Gurukula Kangri in Haridwar, Uttrakhand. Where studied the all the Ancient yogic, Vedic scriptures and practiced the Karma Kand- Ancient rituals and Yajana. Here is studied the Sanskrit language through which he the deeper insight in to all the ancient yogic and vedic literature.

Yoga Sadhana: Being child he started observing is father practicing yoga everything and here started taking interest into the practicing yoga and started coping his father. he started learning and practicing yoga under the guidance of Dr. Satyapati Ji for the period of 10 years and continued practicing by himself.

Yoga Qualification: He did Bachelor and Masters in Yogic Science from Gurukula Kangri University in Haridwar, Uttrakhand.

Yoga Competitions: He started participating in yoga competitions while he is studying in Gurukula at the age of 9. He participated in 21 state level competitions and wins 19 gold medals and 2 silver medals and national level competitions 20 and Win 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals.

Body Building: When he was 18 started strength training in gym and after one years later become state champion in body building under 60 kilogram weight category in 2014 and won third place under 65 kilogram weight category in 2015. He continues training till date and known as Yoga body builder.

Yoga Teaching Experience: He started teaching yoga in 2014 and since than he is continues to teach yoga. He travels to many Asian countries to give yoga workshops and yoga teacher training courses.

Yoga Teaching Specialization: He is having depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology which make him Expert in teaching Yoga Asanas in the various yoga styles – Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga and Aerial yoga. He is teaching also yoga posture teaching methodology and subtle alignment and adjustments classes as well.

Best Yoga Teacher In India

Yogacharya Deepak Bhatt

Deepak Bhatt is a professional yoga teacher at Aayaama Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh. He born and brought up into a yogic Brahmin family, practicing yoga since childhood. He have completed his masters in Yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University and 500 hour yoga teacher training from Yoga Alliance USA. Deepak Ji is teaching various form and styles of yoga like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and many more.

Family: He is born and brought up into priest Bhrahmin family. From the Childhood he is deeply into the devotion, worship and Vedic ritual ceremonies. He has been chanting mantras and sacred hymns since childhood.

Yoga Sadhana: He started practicing yoga at a very early age under the guidance of a traditional Guru more than a decade and continues his practice till today. He learnt and practiced yoga holistically and traditionally. He is not practicing yoga but he is living yoga in his daily life.

Yoga Qualification: He did his graduation degree in science from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Uttarakhand and post-gravitation degree Uttarakhand Sanskrit university in yoga. He also completed a 500 hours yoga teacher training course from Rishikesh.

Yoga Teaching Experience: He has been teaching yoga since 2013. He taught yoga in many yoga teacher training courses in various yoga destinations in India like Rishikesh, Goa and Dharamshala.

Astrology: He learnt Jyotish shastra – the science of astrology in guru Sishyan parampara – lineage of masters. He learnt it from a very authentic master who has expertise in yoga, astrology, Sanskrit and veda. Therefore he has a very good knowledge of vedic kalganana – vedic time calculations and Astrology through which he is helping students to overcome the obstacles in yoga practice and problems in their life as well.

Yoga Teaching Specialization: His specialization in teaching yoga are Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Vinyasa flow and Aerial yoga. He is also expert in teaching alignment and adjustments of yoga asanas and science of sequencing as well.

Nature: He is very humble and calm. He is very knowledgeable and experienced taking the students on the yoga journey after understanding their bodies and mind. His Positive vibes attract more students to learn yoga from his depth.

Best Yoga Teacher In India

Dr. Pratiksha

Family: She is born in a devotional and cultured family. Her mother is a great devotee of Krishana and she is also in devotion and service. She studied Bhagwad Gita at a very early age and applied its teachings practically in her life to make her life balanced and productive for herself and society.

Yoga Sadhana: She started practicing yoga in 2018 to improve fitness and better health. He realized the immense benefits of yoga than she decided to learn about yoga and yoga therapy more. She is a very disciplined yoga practitioner of yoga in her daily life. Yoga has not only changed her life entirely but also the lives she touched, after entering into this beautiful practice. She affirms it to do it all my life.

Teaching Experience : She took up yoga as a hobby but realized its immense potential once she started practicing dedicatedly. She saw magical results even in my medical practice. She saw the cases being resolved completely and recovery of the patients by performing holistic yogic practices, at many times, even without the interference of the medicine, so she decided to take Yoga Therapy as a full time carrier and yoga serve humanity.

She is a Medical Doctor with profound experience of working with patients of all age groups and various illnesses. She has worked as a senior consultant in big medical firms where she mostly worked over the women related health problems and gynecological disorders, which gave her area of expertise. Afterwards, She consulted more than 1000 females in rural as well as in urban areas. Now she is teaching from a long time in yoga ttc and yoga therapy courses as well as giving personal consultations to our students and patients.

Education Qualification: Higher Secondary school education in Medical Science and Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from Homoeopathic Medical College, Chandigarh.

Yoga Qualification: She did 200 and 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training courses in Rishikesh. She also did Kids and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training course and specializations courses in yoga therapy for yogic management of Gynecological and woman health problems.

Specialization: By Profession She is a Homeopathic doctor who is giving her in-depth understanding of Human Anatomy and physiology. She is working as a senior yoga therapist, looking after women's health and disorders. She also teaches subjects like Yoga for Pregnancy, Anatomy and physiology of Yoga and Yoga for Kids. She is conducting yoga workshops for yoga during menstruation and yoga for menopause.

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